In this podcast, TranzAct Co-Founder Mike Regan addresses where the LTL industry is headed in the future and how to manage this part of your freight operations now in light of potential changes.

We often hear questions about LTL freight management from logistics professionals, which is why we created a podcast in conjunction with the Colorado Business Table on this topic.

This podcast includes great insights about:

1. Data. Shippers need to understand that carriers have data. Therefore, the better you are at working with your carriers, the better your rates will be. This is something that Rob Estes emphasized in our interview with him and Darren Hawkins. Listen to an excerpt about data here:

2. Visibility. Just as carriers are valuing data, so are progressive shippers. With the right technology, they can better prove compliance with OTIF types of programs. (One shipper said he had $3 million in penalties three years ago, but last year it had jumped to $24 million!) Listen to an excerpt about visibility here:

3. Precision Trucking. Lean orientations are demanding product is on time. Shippers need to know their product is going to be on time or if there will be a production disruption. Listen to an excerpt about precision trucking here:

We hope you'll find the time to listen to the full interview and learn.


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