What’s Happening with U.S. Infrastructure?


In this interview, Congressman Dan Lipinski provides an update about the state of our nation’s infrastructure, what’s needed for the future, and the challenges at hand. What he shares is valuable for anyone who works in the logistics industry as well as anyone who wants to hear about an issue that’s important for the United States.

Listen to the interview to hear him address questions like:

🗸 Why congress can’t come together to create a longer term infrastructure bill?

🗸 What’s happening with the gas tax?

🗸 How can changes in infrastructure get funding?


Who is Dan Lipinski?

Dan Lipinski is an Illinois Congressman in his 8th term. He is the most senior member from Illinois on the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, serving on three subcommittees: Aviation; Highways and Transit; and Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials, of which he is the subcommittee chairman.

Over the past few years, he has authored important provisions in critical bills covering all aspects of transportation, including the long-term federal funding bill to fix our roads and bridges, the Water Resources Reform and Development Act, and the most recent FAA reauthorization. 



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