LTL Shipping Trends &

How to Optimize Your LTL Carrier Relationships

We've been hearing from lots of shippers that are wondering what's ahead for the LTL shipping market.

rob-estes-200x200-1To shed light on this sector, we interviewed Rob Estes, the CEO of Estes Express, one of the largest and longest standing LTL freight carriers in the United States with $3 billion in annual revenue. This conversation covers LTL shipping trends, the challenges facing shippers, and more.

Access the interview to hear his thoughts about questions such as:

🗸 Why are rates down in the truckload market but not the LTL shipping market?

🗸 How should shippers update their RFP process to work with LTL carriers today?

🗸 What would you advise shippers to focus on to form the best possible LTL carrier relationships?

🗸 What kind of general rate increases in the LTL market are we looking at in 2020?

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