On the Record

On the Record with Richard Abraham, John Challenger, Paul Zellner

March 2010

In this On the Record, we interviewed three of the nation's top career transition and professional relationship advisors: Rick Abraham, the author of the best selling Mr. Schmooze and CEO of a notoriously successful commercial real estate firm; John Challenger, the CEO of Challenger Grey and Christmas, one of the world's most successful outplacement firms; and Paul Zellner, Managing Director with Russell Reynolds, one of the preeminent search firms working with C- Level executives. In this interview, we asked these experts to focus on three objectives:

  • What critical attributes and abilities should supply chain and transportation professionals be cultivating?
  • What suggestions would they have for someone who is serious about improving their interpersonal and networking skills?
  • What are some tips on writing effective resumes, as well as some of the do's and don'ts of the interviewing process.

Our resources on this call have worked with thousands of professionals over the years that were looking for employment. This may be one of the most relevant On the Record interviews we have ever conducted.

So for all of you who feel that you are just too busy to take time to invest in your career, you owe it to yourself to slow down, take a couple moments, and tune into this outstanding interview.

Mike Regan
TranzAct Technologies