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On the Record with Ken Blanchard, the One Minute Manager

March 2010

We are tremendously excited to feature this On the Record interview with the author of 'The One Minute Manager', Dr. Ken Blanchard. Twenty million copies of this business classic have been sold. This book, along with Ken's numerous other books, has provided thousands of managers and Fortune 500 companies nationwide the techniques necessary to achieve increased productivity, job satisfaction, and personal prosperity.

In a time of economic uncertainty and concern about the future, Dr. Blanchard's interview delivers insight that is timeless and invaluable. Whatever your job circumstances, or wherever you're at in your career, we guarantee that if you follow Ken's advice you will lead a more fulfilling life.

As the CSO (Chief Spiritual Officer) of the Ken Blanchard Companies, an international management training and consulting firm, Ken (along with his wife Margie) is regarded as an expert on leadership, relationships, and organizational processes.

Several years ago, Ken co-founded a faith-based ministry called Lead Like Jesus (LLJ). The purpose of this ministry is to highlight the leadership principles that Jesus followed. It is my privilege to serve on the LLJ Board and have heard Ken discuss these principles on numerous occasions. Interestingly, when people hear his message they all agree, (regardless of their faith orientation, or whether they were agnostic or atheist) that these principles are the attributes of a great leader.

Whether it's amongst your families, friends or in the marketplace, we all have the potential and ability to use our influence for good. You see, every one of us is a leader regardless of how we see ourselves. This leadership potential is a tremendous privilege and responsibility, which is why TranzAct is so passionate about supporting the need for you to Invest in Yourself.
Effective leaders know that they are on a journey of continuous learning that never ends. In order to make that journey worthwhile and satisfying you must continue to invest in yourself.

Enjoy the journey.

Mike Regan
TranzAct Technologies