How Ardent Mills Became a Shipper of Choice


Interview conducted by TranzAct Co-Founder Mike Regan 

How can you improve carrier relations and your ability to get trucks at a reasonable price?

Learn how Ardent Mills was able to accomplish this in an interview with Dave Venberg, the Senior Director of Transportation and Logistics. In six short videos, he shares the steps they took, as well as the strategy and values behind it. Here are the videos you'll find:

  • The Current Transportation Marketplace
  • How Ardent Mills Became a Shipper of Choice
  • How and Why Ardent Mills Conducted a Massive Driver Survey
  • C-Suite Transportation Support
  • Sharing Data to Improve Your Customers' Docks
  • Setting Priorities that Help Everyone Win

There's also a full length interview and a transcript of their conversation.

We hope you learn a thing or two from their experience.