Transportation Market Storm Center

Managing transportation and a supply chain is always a challenge due to the different storms and surprises that arise.

To help you get a better understanding of what's happening in the transportation marketplace and how to manage it, we’ve gathered insights from several leaders throughout the transportation industry—shippers, carriers and others working alongside them.

These resources are provided exclusively for shippers managing transportation and supply chains. 

What's inside?  

Within the storm center, you’ll find the interviews below. We hope you’ll benefit from all they share from their remarkable experiences.






Lessons from a Career in Logistics Management at Walmart

After 21 years of working in various logistics and supply chain management roles at Walmart, Bryan Boudreaux has lots to share.


The Impact of Section 232 and 301 Tariffs

Learn about impact of tariffs on the some of the considerations to take into account for your supply chain in this area.



Keynote Address at the Annual NIT League Summit

Derek Leathers, the CEO of Werner Enterprises, gives the Keynote at the Annual NIT League Summit and is then interviewed by TranzAct's Mike Regan.



Carriers are Already Exiting the Market Due to ELD's

Ken Spicer talks about some of his carriers already leaving the market due to ELD's, and discusses how carriers and shippers can collaborate to navigate the storm.



Economic Insights for Logistics Planning and Forecasting

In this interview, Gary Shilling goes in depth to shed light on how the market is likely to move in the next year, and which trends to watch.


Walmart's OTIF Window Strategy

Hear an in-depth explanation of why the OTIF program is so important to Walmart from two of their former transportation SVPs.



Opporunities for Shippers in Today's Transportation Market

Hear thoughts on current supply chain opportunities and answers to questions like: How can the supply chain be used not only to cut costs, but to grow the top line? 



What is the value of a single pallet truck to an LTL carrier?

Rob Estes talks about the value of a single pallet on a truck and how shippers can achieve savings by being more efficient.


The Future of the LTL Industry and What to Watch

In a podcast, TranzAct Co-Founder Mike Regan addresses where the LTL industry is headed in the future and how to manage this part of your freight operations.


How Ardent Mills Became a Shipper of Choice

Learn how they were able to accomplish this - the surprising steps they took, as well as the strategy and values behind it.


Truck Capacity Shortage: What to Expect and How to React

Randy Mullett provides his forecast of what is ahead for shippers and answers questions such as: What should we expect for the remainder of 2018 as far as rates?



Capacity Issues for Carriers

Hear from the CEO of a large trucking company how capacity issues impact them and how they respond.


What rate increases should you expect? That depends if you’re an efficient or inefficient shipper.

Derek Leathers and Rob Estes estimate the difference in rate increases for efficient shippers versus inefficient shippers.



How Shippers Can Mitigate Increases By Working With Their Carriers

John Larkin, Managing Director of Transportation at Stifel, and Jeff Rogers, CEO of Universal Logistics discuss how rate increases can be impacted by a shipper's actions.


The Impact of ELD Enforcement

Randy Mullett, a Washington-based expert on the relationship between government and transportation, weighs in on how ELDs will impact the market.


Insights on Managing Your Supply Chain Well in 2019

Hear tips from two leaders in the supply chain industry about how you can manage your operations well and improve relations with carriers.


Identifying Risks in the Supply Chain

Learn how to get ahead of the curve by developing a risk identification plan.


Capacity Questions LTL Carriers Need to Address

Learn about the capacity issues that his company and other carriers are encountering.