On The Record with Administrator Anne Ferro on Safety Accountability

May 9, 2014

With pending modifications to CSA, the industry may be looking at the new comeback kid.

Anne Ferro, Administrator of the FMCSA, speaks candidly about the agency and the transportation community's responsibility to ensure safety on all fronts with Mike Regan of Active Scout Technologies.

In this featured interview, Administrator Ferro dispels any myths that CSA is going away and focuses on:

  • Accountability - professional and personal, for carriers, shippers and 3PLs
  • CSA Scoring - parties that challenge the methodology and plans to modify the safety fitness determination rule
  • Hours of Service - why there are no changes on the horizon

Administrator Ferro states that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was set up by Congress approximately 13 years ago to "save lives by taking all the actions needed to intervene with an unsafe carrier before a crash occurs...the focus is to put in place the kind of national policies and then nationwide implementation that helps acheive that."

headshot-anne-ferroAnne Ferro serves as Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).