Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez and Mike Regan

In these short videos, TranzAct's Co-Founder Mike Regan shares insights about how companies have achieved sustainable transportation savings. There are some questions he raises that you'll want to make sure you're asking.




Why Don't Companies Employ Lean Principles for their Transportation Programs? 

Companies put lean principles into almost every area of their business--even how to clean their bathrooms! But so many ignore what happens on their docks or other areas that are vital to their business.

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Sustained Transportation Savings - 3 Critical Factors 

C-Level executives need to understand that transportation savings are not a one time event. It takes effort over time, with the savings coming in small increments. Watch the video to learn how this can happen.



Third Party Transportation Partners - Selecting Someone who can Move Your Business Forward 

Third Party transportation vendors can only be your best partner if they can help you move your business forward. When you evaluate a partner, make sure they bring expertise and technology to the table.

For example, TranzAct offers an incredible new analytical tool called Telescope that can look at what seems to be chaos in your shipping activity and identifies patterns that helps you make sense of it all.

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Dynamic Pricing - Why you Need Technology to Adapt to Changes in the Transportation Marketplace

Dynamic Pricing is a great example of how technology is an absolute imperative if you are going to remain competitive. It you don't have the tools to obtain the best possible LTL rates and truckload rates to move your freight, you will fall behind.

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What is the Biggest Roadblock to Sustained Transportation Savings? 

Sustained transportation savings can be achieved in any organization, but it takes a commitment to making the necessary changes. What's number one factor? Watch the video to find out.






Selecting a Third Party Partner for Transportation: 3 Key Attributes 

Third Party Partners for transportation can offer great value, but they must have a few key attributes, which Mike Regan of TranzAct and Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics discuss in this video segment.

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How Third Party Partners for Transportation Add Value to Shippers 

Third party vendors can bring tremendous value to shippers, because they are in the market every day, understanding the changes to rates, networks, and many other factors. Shippers don't have time to dedicate to keeping up with these changes.



CEOs Need to Ask these Questions as they Move Forward toward Sustained Transportation Savings 

When it comes to sustained transporation savings, CEOs need to ask:
  1 - Am I happy with where we are at today?
  2 - If I do a deep dive, what will people find--skeletons?
  3 - Can I define my current state
  4 - How do I get to my ideal future state?

TranzAct can help you answer these questions with our rapid assessment process.

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Saving Money at Transportation is a Detail Business 

If you want sustained transportation savings over time, you have to be willing to delve into the detail and realize the incremental savings that add up over time. In this video, Mike Regan and Adrian Gonzalez talk about the importance of incremental savings and how companies behave differently when their business is doing well or when it is struggling.

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