Highlights from the NIT League Annual Transportation Summit

The National Industrial Transportation League held their Annual Transportation Summit in San Diego from January 30th to February 1st. If you didn’t get a chance to attend or could use a refresher, we're sharing a few great videos:

* Mike Singletary talks about what it means to be a great leader

* Ken Blancard gives tips for improving yourself and your company

* Mick Ukleja shares insights on managing millenials

We hope you enjoy the videos and a chance to catch a part of the conference. If you have any questions, please email us at solutions@tranzact.com.



Mike Singletary Talks Leadership at the 2017 NITL Summit 

Mike Singletary is a Hall of Fame Linebacker who helped lead the legendary 1985 Bears to victory in Super Bowl XX. He has since gone on to coach and help develop leaders in many walks of life.

In this video, he addresses the 2017 NITL Conference and answers questions from Mike Regan, Co-Founder of TranzAct Technologies.


Dr. Ken Blanchard Talks About Improving Yourself and Your Company at the 2017 NIT League Summit

Dr. Ken Blanchard is a best-selling author, known for "The One Minute Manager" and many other books on developing your workforce and organization.

In this video, he addresses the 2017 NIT League Annual Conference.


Mick Ukleja Explains Working with Millennials at the 2017 NITL Summit 

Mick Ukleja is an author and consultant, known for co-writing "Managing the Millennials." He is also the President and CEO of LeadershipTraq.

In this video, he addresses the 2017 NIT League Conference, giving insights into working with millennials.

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